All your Data
with Confidence

Welcome to FreeMii. We are the world's first community where all members receive completely free unlimited data, talk and text on their mobile device. We believe connectivity should be a human right and not limited to only those who can afford access.

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We Guarantee

Safety Data

Never get another cellular. Ever! That's the best part of being a FreeMii member.

100% Stable Connection

Unlimited truly means unlimited. Browse, connect, and stream on the nation's best networks.

No Hidden Payments

No contract commitments and no two-year minimums.

High Speed Connection

You'll never be charged for data overages and you'll never run out of data.

Encryption of Data

No need to pick plans based on data or airtime. With FreeMii it's all unlimited talk, text and web.

Personal Plan Options

Save big bucks every month with no recurring bills or charges.

High quality of Service

Tired of "gotcha" fees??? The bait-and-switch promos are a thing of the past.

24/7 Support

Get all the talk time you need to stay connected to friends and family.

Special Offers

Stay connected nationwide with no worries on your favorite major networks.

*See Terms of Service & Service Agreement for More Details