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Get FreeMii Today. Use for 100-Days with a money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your service, you can swap networks or request a refund. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on any FreeMii offer devices.

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Returns FAQ

Currently FreeMii offers memberships, wireless service options, and devices.

If you are unhappy with any FreeMii offered wireless services or any FreeMii supported network performance, you may request a full refund (less consumption assessment) of your service purchase for up to 100-days.* This includes Data Plus, Data Pro, and Data Pro Plus service options.

*Consumption Assessment: As a measure against fraudulent activity, all refunds will be issued less the assessment for consumption. Consumption assessments are applied at $1/day beginning with activation date. (Example: Refund Requested 45 days after activation date = Refund of $299 less $45 = Total Refund of $254)

Devices offered by FreeMii are subject to a 30-day money back guarantee. You may request a full refund of your device purchase or a device swap of comparable value for up to 30 calendar days after confirmed delivery. Restocking fees may apply for devices with opened packaging.

All refunds are granted in consideration of the consecutive calendar days immediately following service activation, device delivery and membership purchases. Any requests suspected of fraudulent or unscrupulous activity will be investigated and subsequently denied.

If you suspect your device and/or sim-kit order has been lost or stolen during delivery, please contact our Customer Care immediately. Please provide all tracking documentation (including screenshots, tracking numbers, order number & email, etc) and a detailed description of where, when, and why you believe your order has been lost or stolen.

Due to carrier restrictions, each activation per device requires a new SIM to be issued. In the event you would like to continue your services with a new device, a new FreeMii SIM will need to be issued. See our Restrictions page for more information.

We begin the review process of all refunds within 24 hours of initial request. Upon verification of account and the order, FreeMii typically approves refunds within 2 business days. Once approved, the refund will be initiated by Customer Care and processed by our payment processor. Refunds typically are received within 3-5 business days after it’s initiated with the payment processor. Actual delivery of refund depends on your financial institution. Chargebacks and disputes will likely result in further delay as formal documentation and review processes will be necessary. Contact for assistance.

We Guarantee

Safety Data

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Encryption of Data

No need to pick plans based on data or airtime. With FreeMii it's all unlimited talk, text and web.

Personal Plan Options

Save big bucks every month with no recurring bills or charges.

High quality of Service

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24/7 Support

Get all the talk time you need to stay connected to friends and family.

Special Offers

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*See Terms of Service & Service Agreement for More Details