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Welcome to FreeMii. We are the world's first membership based service where all members receive unlimited data, talk and text every month free on their mobile device. We believe connectivity should be a human right and not limited to only those who can afford access. By leveraging the power of community, we provide wireless services to all FreeMii members on the nation's largest networks. Our managed services are offered in good faith that each member adheres to membership policies.

FreeMii is guided by four ideas: access to the internet should be free, families should be supported, the human experience should be improved, the creator should be championed. FreeMii offers products, services, and free unlimited data, talk, and text to its members.

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Questions and Answers

Yes. FreeMii is 100% free every month for all members. We do not charge any fee for data, voice calls, or messaging after your membership purchase. You must remain in good standing according to our Service Agreement.

Great question. FreeMii offers its Base Membership for a one-time purchase of $149 with an annual renewal fee of $149. Members receive unlimited data, talk and text for free each month. FreeMii will also release premium memberships including Data Pro, and Data Pro for professionals and enterprise. Other products will include our streaming services applications, digital rewards, digital products, and our ecommerce service that will be released soon. Our membership purchase is currently offered separately from our data service options such as Data Plus.

To become a full FreeMii member, you'll need to complete membership purchase, successfully activate your device and complete your membership enrollment verification with the online community. All detailed instructions are included in your SIM Card activation kit.

Yes. Data speeds are offered at 4G LTE connectivity for all the networks we support. Please note members consuming in excess of ~22GB per data in a month may have subsequent data speeds slowed or deprioritized during times of congestion or heavy network usage for the remainder of the 30-day membership cycle (all Blue Network plans reset their data cycle on the 7th of every month). See Restrictions and Disclosures for more details.

No. You will never be charged by FreeMii for voice, messaging or data services. You will have the choice to purchase additional FreeMii services such as original content, member offers, Please note FreeMii is not liable for any charges you incur from third-party retailers or services resulting from your choice to purchase using your FreeMii enabled device.

Yes. At this time we do not directly offer mobile devices on our site. However, if you are interested in purchasing a device,  please complete the contact form. Be sure to include make and model requested. We will provide pricing and payment options.

"Free For Life" and "Every Month Free" means free for the life of your membership, which you can maintain in perpetuity. As long as you remain in good standing as a FreeMii member, you can always enjoy nationwide data, talk and text for free each month. Please see our Disclosures page for additional details.

No, if you are looking to activate your FreeMii Data Plus membership and keep your same device and network carrier, it is not necessary to unlock your phone. You will not need to contact your current carrier to perform the unlocking process. Unlocking is only necessary for Data Pro and Data Pro Plus members. However, we cannot guarantee activation for any BYOD device. Activations are completed at the discretion of the carrier. Generally, if you successfully perform a device check on our site, you will be able to activate.

Generally, smartphone devices running recent versions of iOS, Windows or Android released within the last 5 years are network compatible. However, full compatibility is subject to your current network status, the condition of your device, SIM card compatibility and Network approval for device activation. FreeMii does not guarantee compatibility before purchase but does offer the ability to request a refund or replacement SIM in the event you are unsuccessful at activation.

Yes. Anyone is eligible to become a FreeMii member. Children younger than 15 years of age will need expressed consent and agreement from a parent/guardian.

The catch is community participation. We ask all FreeMii members to continue to be an active part of the community and share FreeMii with your individual networks. You can share, comment, like or post your feedback to us directly. This participation is not required but does help us grow and improve our community.

Completion of membership purchase and the activation is required. Also, our offer for unlimited data, talk and text does not mean unreasonable consumption. Excessive consumption can include high average daily consumption, high average monthly consumption, consumption far in excess of the national average (Currently 5-7GB/month, Statistia.com) See Restrictions and Disclosures for details.

No. Currently, the fastest activations are with new FreeMii issued phone numbers. There are millions of unused local phone numbers available with the major networks. These unused phone numbers are much easier and faster to activate (usually 15minutes). There is no need to port an old number or contact your previous carrier for account information. FreeMii supports activation and service of these unused numbers with HD voice, sms, and mms. Local area codes of new FreeMii phone numbers are issued based on the member Zip Code on your purchase order. However, we do support porting of your current phone number for all FreeMii offered networks. Due to carrier restrictions and porting processes, number ports can be delayed up to 3 business days.

Currently we support all four major carriers in the U.S. Please note Freemii is NOT an affiliate or subsidiary of these carriers. Each network name is a registered trademark of that network respectively.

Blue Network
Red Network
Pink Network

Please note: Red and Pink Networks are currently in Beta support and SIM activation can take up to 3 business days.

Yes. You can cancel anytime. We also offer a money back guarantee in the event you are dissatisfied with purchase or service within the first 100 days after activation. Please see our Service Terms for the full details.

Yes. Currently we do not support international voice or messaging. If you'd like to connect with friends and family internationally, a third-party app that uses data connectivity will be required. We also require one SIM membership purchase per device and phone line.


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