Free Unlimited Data, Talk, + Text

"Free" specifically refers to a FreeMii Member's enjoyment of cellular connectivity at no monthly cost from a FreeMii supported carrier. All member subscriptions are managed and facilitated by FreeMii, Inc. and/or its designees. Members are not ever charged a wireless, cellular, or connectivity fee for voice, messaging or data use in accordance with our Terms of Service. Members are obligated to abide by the terms of service to maintain account status in good standing.

"Unlimited Data, Talk, + Text" refers to those memberships offered by FreeMii through FreeMii supported networks in which there is no preset cap or limit for cellular data use, voice/talk airtime, and SMS/MMS messaging as a service. Generally, during periods of high volume traffic FreeMii supported networks may deprioritize your connectivity after your consumption of approximately 20GB~22GB of data. FreeMii also reserves the right to monitor, suspend, terminate, or otherwise alter the availability of data and wireless connectivity for those members who excessively consume or abuse consumption of wireless services. The use of the term “Unlimited” in our site or other digital collateral or marketing materials shall NOT be construed or interpreted as Unreasonable use. All members are subject excessive consumption parameters, which make considerations including but not limited to: (1)the national average of cellular consumption for voice minutes, sms and mms messaging, and data; (2) the member’s pace of consumption; (3) the average consumption of the FreeMii community; and (4) the respective carrier and/or network provider policies.

One-Time Membership Purchase

"One-Time" refers to the singular purchase transaction of a FreeMii membership.

"Membership Purchase" refers specifically to the successful completion of a purchase transaction, as evidenced by the Confirmation Page on our website, the confirmation email delivered to the New Member or for a new activation, and verifiable documentation of the transaction via bank or financial institution records.

$0/Month - No Monthly, Annual, or Recurring Charges

"$0/Month" refers to the policy that FreeMii Members will NOT incur any charges or fees after the initial membership purchase as a requirement to maintain membership or to continue receiving wireless service as provided by the network and supported by FreeMii. FreeMii Members may elect to purchase additional services, products, content, etc. per member discretion.

"No Monthly, Annual, or Recurring Charges" refers to the policy that Monthly, Annual or Recurring charges will NOT be assessed to FreeMii Members as a requirement to maintain membership or to continue receiving wireless services as provided by a FreeMii supported network. New and potential members understand the FreeMii Data Plus Membership is NOT a subscription based membership and members are NOT required to make any additional monthly recurring payments for wireless service in accordance with our Terms of Service. Please note FreeMii does assess an annual renewal fee to maintain membership, currently $49.

4G LTE Nationwide Coverage

"4G LTE" refers to the type of wireless coverage as offered by the FreeMii supported networks.

"Nationwide Coverage" refers to the area coverage offered by the FreeMii supported networks in markets across the United States.

*LTE is a registered Trademarke of ETSI and not a FreeMii mark

"FreeMii for Life" OR "Free Data For Life" OR "Every Month Free"

"FreeMii for Life/Free Data For Life" or any other claims or language suggesting similar specifically refer to the policy that a FreeMii Member will receive wireless service and support for the life and term of his/her/their membership. The life and term of the Membership can operate in perpetuity per member discretion in consideration of membership in good standing and the FreeMii Terms of Service. FreeMii reserves the right to suspend, terminate or otherwise change member service for violation or other deemed discretion.

*Note: These statements and all claims are subject to proper account registration, enrollment, and activation. Members must also fully adhere to the terms of use, privacy, and conditions as described in this website. Disclosures are subject to change per FreeMii discretion. All members will be formally notified if changes are made.