Current Activation
& Support Restrictions

In accordance with our network provider service agreements, the following restrictions are effective for all FreeMii Memberships:

1. Tethering and mobile hotspot is currently not supported.

Currently the FreeMii Data Plus membership does not support the ability to tether or otherwise connect secondary devices to your FreeMii enabled device as a portable hotspot. Only premium Data Pro or Data Pro Plus members can enable their device as a mobile hotspot. One membership purchase and activation is required for each individual device to receive unlimited data, talk, and text connectivity.

2. Sim Card Portability is not supported.

Currently we do not support the ability to reuse network Sim cards. In the event you upgrade, lose or replace your device, a new FreeMii SIM card will be required to activate your new device. You are prohibited from reinstalling a FreeMii SIM card in a different device after initial activation. Failures to comply will result in suspension and possible termination of membership. We will need to issue a new FreeMii Network-compatible sim card at a replacement cost of $25. This fee covers the cost of the SIM Kit, activation and shipping. If you are in need of a sim-kit replacement for reactivation please email

Other SIM Replacement Fees:

Replacement/Swap Type Purpose Price
Active Internal Swap Need to replace current FreeMii Active SIM - Same network $25
Inactive Internal Swap Need to replace current FreeMii Non-active SIM - Same network $35
Active External Swap Need to replace current FreeMii Active SIM - Different network $85
Inactive External Swap Need to replace current FreeMii Non-active SIM - Different network $55

3. Prepaid Device Restriction.

Devices purchased from a prepaid carrier are NOT eligible for activation on a FreeMii Supported Network. Eligible devices include unlocked smartphones and tablets.

4. Leased, Lost, or Stolen.

Devices considered lost, stolen, or blacklisted will NOT be eligible for activation. Devices reported to have financial obligation (such as financed/leased devices) under a previous network or vendor are also NOT eligible for activation until the obligation is reported as satisfied.

* Please note FreeMii, Inc. and it’s affiliates cannot guarantee activation. All carrier networks and/or network providers have the discretion to approve device and SIM activation based on the device model, security protocols, Device ID status, and other measures as the respective network deems appropriate. In the event you complete purchase and are unable to activate your FreeMii SIM and device, you may choose to activate with a different device, with a different network, or you may request a full refund less shipping costs.

* One FreeMii Membership Purchase required per member line.